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Auto-Posting Points

January 18, 2024 at 2:44 PM UTC


◆ This issue is not resolved yet

Investigating -

We are investigating an issue that may impact auto-pointing from Tabroom.com. Some users are reporting that students on their Tabroom.com roster are becoming unlinked from their NSDA accounts, preventing points from auto-posting.

To prevent this issue from impacting your school, we recommend re-linking your Tabroom.com roster to the NSDA before the end of the tournament your students are attending. To do so, navigate to the Competitors tab in Tabroom and select the “Connect Competitors to NSDA Memberships” button.

If you notice after a tournament that some of your students did not receive auto-points, email us at help@tabroom.com, and we can help re-link your school’s roster and re-post points.

We are working to resolve this issue; thank you for your patience!

Last updated: January 18, 2024 at 2:48 PM UTC